Upgrade Your Scanning Experience

The LightSpeed Trigger easily attaches to your Zebra TC 51/52/56/57 scanner and provides a comfortable and efficient way to scan barcodes.

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Trigger Product Image


  1. The front slides between the scanner and the rugged boot at the front. (1)
  2. A spring-loaded latch locks the back in place. Use one finger on each side to pull it back when attaching or deattaching the handle. This makes it incredibly easy to attach and detach the handle from the scanner! (2)
  3. The comfortable grip and button helps your wrist stay comfortable while scanning, especially during intense warehouse work.
Diagram of the trigger with the pusher and latch labeled

Avoid leaving your trigger in extreme ambient heat or sunlight, such as in a hot vehicle. This may cause the trigger to deform and invalidate your warranty. Triggers are made to be durable against blunt impact, but aren't meant to be heat-proof!

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